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  • Getting back in shape...

    So, in the last few months (because of a flare), I didn't do much and accordingly, have added about an extra 20 pounds to my girlish figure.

    So...what I need to do is lose the weight, obviously...but my fatigue is so bad right now, it wears me out to get through a day at work and I seriously could go to be at 5:30 pm if I could get away with it. I haven't taken my kids to Tae Kwon Do or the YMCA in over a month.

    I need to get back on the exercise band wagon (I have a cooling vest now to help me out), but how do you get past the horrible fatigue. It literally does me in!

    Any suggestions?
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    I get the fatigue from time to time as well. Thankfully, mine is manageable with a short nap.

    I do know there are medications out there that might help.


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      I try to lay down for a few minutes; sometimes on the ground with my feet on a couch or chair. I learned that at a yoga class and it seems to work.


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        Just do it!

        my name is Mike and I new to the forum, but as for getting back into it, just do it! I like this saying - "a bad work out is better then NO WORK OUT". Sometimes I am exhausted I get up at 0300 am and do not want to run or anything but 5-10 minutes into the W/O the blood starts flowing and you are glad your doing what ever you do, not to preach only to help..... JUST DO IT!!!


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          Getting Back to Exercise

          My name is Camille. Since my diagnoses, after working out I sleep 4 to 5 hours. That is very because I am doing hoping for the energy surge.
          Has anyone else experienced the same thing?


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            I tried to swim today with a kick board and fins...but right now my right leg is so weak. I made it about 25 minutes and my right leg went completely numb. Made everyone in the lane behind me mad. Had to hobble out dragging my right foot behind me, and I still don't have the feeling back yet besides the super fun pins and needles sensation. I really hate how my body reacts to things lately. I want to work through these things, and just do it as suggested...but maybe I need to try five or ten minutes at a time instead (and go when the pool is not busy at all!) I am just trying to build up my right leg again, but it doesn't have the same ideas I do at the moment.
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              Originally posted by MDER123 View Post
              my name is Mike and I new to the forum, but as for getting back into it, just do it! I like this saying - "a bad work out is better then NO WORK OUT".
              I totally agree ... I like to go for a very fast walk after work each day and MAKE myself do it even if I'm weary - with my son riding his bike. We only had 15 minutes the other day before a tutor came over. I said - come on - we'll be able to do at least two laps of the cycling track in the park - better than nothing.

              And my solution with those walks/rides after a day at work - promise your child if you have one, that you'll take her/him! That's a big incentive! ...
              Is anyone ready for this winding road? But we walk it ...


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                How is every one doing " getting Back"

                Any news - any updates..... Just asking?


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                  I walk 15 minutes twice daily during my work day...not enough to loose weight, but enough to keep my legs moving. I am going to see a social worker and ask about physical therapy to at least help me plan out my attack to get back in shape!
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                    Working out...

                    I have just starting working out for the first time since my DX. Boy, was it hard to get out of bed!!! Fatigue is a killer of workout programs. However, I have learned to try to put mind over matter, so to speak. I talked myself out of bed, into my workout clothes and drove to the gym. I was not able to finish the entire workout program. But, at least I tried!!! I will do the same thing Wednesday and Friday. I am not oging to let MS get the best of me!!!!


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                      I get worse as I excercise...

                      One of the most frustrating things is that when I begin any type of consistent excercising - no matter how light or moderate, I begin to deteriorate as the days/weeks go on and end up getting 'sick' (my word for the myriad of ms crap that's bad enough to kick me on my arse for days) and have to stop.
                      Because I'm sick for days to the point where I'm unable to even do the simplest of things - like shower & move about the house (and even working from home, it uses what little energy I have for that day); by the time I feel better again, I'm hesitant to start again because I'm fresh off of being miserable and massivly behind on my day to day life that I end up avoiding excercise for awhile. Then after a couple of weeks and that fresh from being sick for days 'memory' fades away enough and I've somewhat caught up on my life - I'll try it again. And the cycle repeats.
                      I've tried so many variations of how, when and what I do and so far they all end up the same.
                      This has become one of my greatest frustrations because I USE to be a very active person who could always manage to push through ANYTHING in my life - no matter what. This is the first thing I've ever encountered that I can't push through.
                      I don't know what else to do but I don't want to give up, either. The less I do, the worse shape I'll be in. But it truly feels like a never ending situation that I just can't seem to resolve.
                      I see & hear about so many others who are still able to be active and excercise and I am very envious.
                      I know there has to be a way - some how. But in all honesty, it's become more and more disappointing and I struggle to stay hopefull.
                      This has been the case for me for 5yrs now and it was actually my attempt to start excercising again (after 3yrs off due to having a baby) that led to my MS dx! Instead of the usual progress of feeling better, stronger, more energetic, etc. as the days went by - I struggled more, started having all kinds of 'mysterious' physical ailments and eventually could no longer continue.
                      At 31yrs old, I knew that 'something' had to be wrong because this was not 'normal'. I pushed hard this time to find an answer and that's when I was finally dx with RRMS.
                      Anyone else go through this, too??
                      Did you find a way out???


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                        I don't have an answer for you, but I can tell you what I did. At first, I had to nap every time I exercised. Even if I walked for 15 minutes, an hour nap was needed to recover. If I didn't give myself enough rest, I became sick. Now, 2 years later, I can exercise for over an hour and not have to nap very often. I seem to be much more resistant to illness. If you have a small one at home, you may to picking up viral infections frequently. These wipe me out for days longer than my kids. The kids are older now, so the viral illnesses are less frequent.
                        Anyway, for me, it was worth it to push through and establish a habit of exercise. It wasn't easy and for a while, I didn't think I could do it.
                        Good Luck!!!


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                          Only so much energy...

                          I have tried walking and a Pilates DVD at home. However, I found that most of the days I walked in the morning I was so wiped out I could barely stay awake to fix dinner. So, I have been bad and just quit. I think my mom and I are going to join a gym next month. I need the motivation of a class to get me going. I have to have an exercise buddy to take me as my vision starts tanking due to exertion while exercising.
                          I have read that exercise reduces fatigue for MSers but that hasn't been my experience so far. I hope to get to that point though.


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                            I sent a link to this thread to Dr. Ken Seaman, one of our contributers and an expert in physical therapy and MS. He sent me an e-mail (one very frank and to the point) that I posted as a new thread here:

                            Check out his advice!
                            Dave Bexfield