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Riding an adult tricycle—doing anything we can do

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  • Riding an adult tricycle—doing anything we can do

    I got a "big girl tricycle" from Wal-Mart made by Schwin. It is perfect for those of us with balance issues because when you stop or turn or anything, it stands by itself. I feel so free when I ride that I forget for a moment what it's like when I have to use my own legs. Of course, it takes about 20 minutes for my body to re-regulate (we all know what I mean). With the unbearable heat and humidity, I didn't get to ride it much this summer, but fall is here, and my tricycle is waiting for me. I highly recommend this great tool.

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    I got my trike last year. It is great to feel the wind in your hair and the freedom of riding! I do have to tie my feet to the pedals due to clonus (bouncing) they tend to fall off the pedals lol.


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      I heard from the local bike shop that the adult trikes are susceptible to tipping and that he would never recommend one for that reason.

      He says that the only safe bikes for people with mobility issues are recumbent bikes.

      Have you had any problems with tipping?


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        Upright trikes have questionable stability and I do not recommend them. Fortunately, most adult trikes sold are more or less recumbent (seated with back support),

        Delta trikes sit up higher (one wheel in front, two in back) and are easy to access. These are easiest to use, but tend to be heavier. Tadpole trikes (two wheels in front, one in back) are more stable and lighter weight, but far more challenging to climb in and out of since your center of gravity is much lower.

        Wiki does a good job explaining the differences. There are a ton of options, and they can get hella pricey....

        For a video of a trike that tilts its wheels (one even has a roof), check these out. Pretty crazy. I don't want to guess how pricey these are, ha.
        Dave Bexfield


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          Di blasi electric folding dream

          Hey Dave, I wish you would "test" this bike and get a discount for mser's just like the one you got for testing the cooling vests....just an idea


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            Oops! Left out the link


            Di blasi electric folding Trike


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              Okay Ivy, that is pretty bad ass. I'll put it on my to-do list! You never know....

              Here's a company that specializes in folding trikes that are more geared to the athlete (I'm drooling over the Transport Series) although no battery backup. But I already have a battery. It's called chilling out in the shade until my legs work again, ha:
              Dave Bexfield


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                Hi there,

                I love the look of the electric di blasi folding bike. My concern is keeping my left foot on the pedal. Clips make it hard to get my foot in.

                Any suggestions would be appreciated.

                Many thanks,

                Teena Marie


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                  Tricycle built for speed

                  Wanted to chime in here. I thought MS had taken my love for cycling away until I tried the Catrike Expedition. I still have a hard time saying the word "tricycle" but " Their bikes are cool, easy to use and take less work to ride than any bike I have ridden. This includes handcycles which are much harder on the body.

                  Now (I hope not too foolishly) I'm making plans to ride in the Houston to Austin MS150 next year. It might take friends, a support team and possibly a bus token or two, but it will be a huge mental accomplishment. Before discovering the Catrike I never even thought about it


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                    Thanks [e]. Thought folks would also like a link. Catrike makes some sweet, lightweight bikes.


                    Hase makes some totally trick bikes, too, but your wallet better be deep.

                    Here's a link to their "special needs" bikes, which include arm trikes and recumbent tandem trikes.
                    Dave Bexfield


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                      Going trike shopping

                      I'm starting to shop for a recumbent trike. Since I live in Colorado and I don't want to be limited to parking lots, I'm looking for one that's decent for hills. Any thoughts? Does anyone have any experience with ICE trikes?