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  • Massage?

    I am thinking about getting a massage done.

    Do I need to ask for someone that is familiar with MS or does it matter?

    I have lots of hard knots on me from the Copaxone injections and I am hoping it will help these to dissolve.

    Also, since I run a lot I thought it might help my tired muscles.

    Is there anyone else that gets massages? Your thoughts?


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    I've been getting regular massages for years, and yes, it definitely helps. Therapists have different touches and techniques so you might have to try some out. My muscles love it! My therapist does deep tissue massage, which is a real workout for her and it leaves me sore for a day or 2, but then....ahhhhh. so nice!

    I don't know if anyone can or would specifically work on the injection sites, but you can ask! Good luck if you do pursue this!


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      Thank you for this information. I think I will try it and see how it goes.


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        For the past four years I have been getting weekly Shiatsu massage. I know that it has helped me.
        I was diagnosed in 1985 with RRMS and would have a flare up a couple times a year. I have been doing great since I started massage. Even my neuro is impressed. He gives me a prescription for massage so it is handled by my insurance!
        I am still working full time and lead a pretty active life. Massage is working for me plus it feels great!

        shakes aka John