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  • The last ActiveMSers newsletter, ever

    I have a good reason why there has been near radio silence from me on the newsletter front and on social media. A really, really, really good reason. I’ll cut right to the chase: the last year or so has been the most challenging of my life. And Laura's life. Unquestionably. And on so many levels. Physically, mentally, socially. I’ve been buried by question marks, not just about my health, but question marks about my future endeavors, including even the future of ActiveMSers.

    As Sit Down Before Reading: A Memoir is about to launch, this is my last newsletter:
    Dave Bexfield

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    Dave I have enjoyed reading your blog since 2008. Sorry to hear of your decline. Reading of your challenges have been helpful for those of us that rely on writers like you - "how to" book. I do hope you stay in communication as I believe it's important for one's mind to know you're touching people even if it's virtual.


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      I have been following this with interest. I hadn't realized how similar our journey's were until this. I was diagnosed in 2005 at age 38 with numbness in my hands and Lhermitte's sign. When you were receiving your HSCT in 2010 I was getting stenosis of my azygous vein. I wouldn't receive HSCT until March of 2014 at Northwestern. By that time I had been using a manual wheelchair for about 6 months but could still walk short distances with a cane. I had initial improvements in sensation, urgency and walking but after about 18 months my walking started to deteriorate. The bladder urgency has also gotten gradually worse as well but certainly no where near what you have had to endure. Thanks for sharing as it is definitely encouraging and helpful.


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        We're with you Dave.
        Always, Suebee


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          Dave, I don't post much but I do lurk and read a lot. I wanted you to know how helpful both your blog and this forum have been. I'm sorry about your recent decline. Your story has helped countless people. Sending thoughts of healing from Canada. ❤


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            Dave- You are a warrior and your sense of humor and candidness about the daily struggles with this disease have been so appreciated. So many people try to sugar coat or minimize the issues (well meaning friends and family), but you lay it all out there. I do believe you have saved me during some really low moments!
            All the best to you and your fabulous wife!