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The warning signs of a possible MS misdiagnosis (Chapter 35: Red Flags)

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  • The warning signs of a possible MS misdiagnosis (Chapter 35: Red Flags)

    Traditionally, a red flag warns of danger. During a car race, it means conditions are too hazardous to continue. On a beach, maybe it’s riptides or sharks. In a new relationship, perhaps it’s a bizarre affinity for sharing memes about red flags in a relationship. Sure, finding out that a potential romantic partner eats pineapple on pizza screams “WATCH OUT,” but so does discovering that a guy calls his 79-year-old mother nightly to play Wordle. I mean, who does that? (Okay, I do that. And Laura plays along!) When it comes to Lyme disease and misdiagnosis, readers of this real-time memoir have been extrapolating red flags from its pages for the past year. Some hit you gradually, like finally figuring out three quarters of the way through that movie where you had seen that actor before, while others thwack you in the forehead like a Kevin McCallister-rigged swinging paint can. Chapter 35: Red Flags releases today along with a preview for Chapter 36: The Bexfield Twist.

    As we near the conclusion of Part III with this penultimate chapter, the reading is going to get heavy. No, heavier, a lot heavier. Red Flags alone is a big read, double the size and double the fun of previous installments. And by “fun” I mean “uncomfortably stressful.” But I’ve included safety harnesses along with sage guidance to soften the news. That’s because a frighteningly large number of you don’t have multiple sclerosis, an ironic fact as we celebrate World MS Day today, May 30. Normally I’d be busting out the beer and Cheetos to commemorate the date (demonstrated in this video I made four years ago,, but because I have Lyme disease, I’ll party instead with, hmm, okay, still with beer and Cheetos. And since this chapter is especially long, you may need to restock midway through. Be active, stay fit, and keep exploring!


    p.s. Note that the final chapter release date is TBD, likely in July, but I’ll try for sooner. I’m writing as fast as possible, but there are so many pieces that it will take extra time to fact check, edit, and design. If you get too antsy, I recommend getting caught up on the audiobook, which adds an entirely new dimension to the memoir (really!).
    Dave Bexfield