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Chap 36 estimated release update

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  • Chap 36 estimated release update

    I had hoped to release Chapter 36 in July, but now mid August is the earliest due to a number of factors (including a lost week due to a cold). Sorry for the delay, but I have to get this right, right. This is going to be a big deal. No, bigger than that. A lot, lot bigger. And I have to prepare for that as well.

    Thanks for the patience. The first six parts are now written....

    Dave Bexfield

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    No apologies necessary, my friend. Take your time. Make it just the way you want it. Say everything and anything that comes to you and is laid upon your heart to share with the world.
    And be advised: Everything you write is a big deal for us. I hope it will be a big deal for the rest of humanity.
    Keep up your good work and may God guide you and bless you in all your efforts.
    Just Another Dave