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First paragraph of Chapter 36

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  • First paragraph of Chapter 36

    The final chapter of SDBR, The Bexfield Twist, is coming together seamlessly. I see people are coming to the forum in record numbers, and I wanted to give readers a preview of what they are going to be in for. This is the introduction to the pivotal last chapter, which will be broken into at least 12 parts.

    Bexfield Twist: A wildly unanticipated turn of events or radical change of direction. The term originated in 2023 when health advocate and writer Dave Bexfield, with zero formal medical education, uncovered evidence that Lyme disease was not only the cause of the symptoms resulting in his 17-year multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis, but also at the root of a host of maladies experienced by myriad patients, leading to one of the greatest science breakthroughs in modern history.

    I hope to start publishing as early as mid/late October. And it'll be everything I've been promising and more. Back to writing....

    Dave Bexfield

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    I can't wait, Dave!