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Misdiagnosed - a question for Dave

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  • Misdiagnosed - a question for Dave

    Hey, Dave....

    I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and my dog cozied up on the couch. Of course, I'm also reading a study about MS. Anyway, this study is talking about the increase in sex ratio between men and women in Canada and other area of the world. Apparently, the ratio is widening further with a greater divide between sexes. I haven't finished reading the exciting conclusion of the study as my question came to mind and I immediately came here (because, let's face it - my short-term memory....gah!). I'm thinking back to the discovery of MS until now. Historical it's been far more prevalent in women. Women who stayed at home, tending the fires, not tromping about in the woods as often as men would.

    The question......

    Have you come across anything, in your research, that explains the sex ratio considering that, historically, especially from 1920-1970, women were traditionally house-bound? Of course, I'm referring to Lyme being misdiagnosed as MS.

    I might have missed it in one of your earlier chapters.

    Keep writing!
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