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CHAPTER 51: The Bexfield Twist

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  • CHAPTER 51: The Bexfield Twist

    There is something I haven't told you. I haven't told my friends, not even my own parents. Now is the time to finally come clean. I warned you all—it's crazy. (Okay, beyond crazy.) Sit Down Before Reading, a memoir of misdiagnosis that unravels medicine’s greatest mysteries, continues with Chapter 51: The Bexfield Twist.
    Dave Bexfield

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    Wow. Wow. Wow. I can be completely positive that whatever you have found has undergone the most rigorous of testing. That's because you have done all the necessary research and we can all see bits and pieces of our own experiences as we read this masterpiece. I, myself, have seen so many parallels in my life as I have read your story. I have referred several doctors to read this account. At one point, I even bought DVDs of Under Our Skin and distributed them to several doctors who promised to watch it with an open mind. That open mind thing doesn't work when it comes to Lyme, it seems. The head of the Mayo Clinic Lab even chastised one of our infectious disease doctors for ordering a Western Blot in non-conformance with the CDC "guidelines." When I read that, there certainly seemed to be a threat hidden in plain sight in his remarks. Open minds my A*s. And so people go on suffering because too few are believed and lumped together as "Lyme Loonies." I am one of those loonies and get more proud about it every day.
    Keep up the fight, Dave, because sometime, somewhere, the message may actually begin to make sense in the circle of medical professionals.