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I recently got some feedback from a fellow ActiveMSer on the Step-Smart. Recommended!

I often travel - just returned from Russia and Normandy - and am always on the look-out for a simple, easy-to-wear, and inconspicuous brace when my foot gets tired. I came across an excellent one called "Step-smart," designed by Ian Engelman (sp?) of Insightful Products. If you go on that website, (, look on testimonials and click on step-smart, you will see a man in a green shirt who has foot-drop and now can walk 18 holes of golf - no problem. I sent for this thing, and although I still wish it could be worn in more fashionable shoes and boots - which I don't believe it can - it definitely beats any other device I have seen on the market. I am not in any way a spokesman for this product, but would love to help other people with MS who, like myself, have been advised to wear ridiculously high, uncomfortable, rigid braces that are not half as effective.
Dave Bexfield
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