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I completely understand. I just finished a three week trial with the WalkAid. The first appointment I had at Hanger, the CO couldn't get the unit to consistently lift my foot. I had to wait another month before I could go back and have a second CO assist. The two of them got the unit to work pretty good. The very next day, I rolled my ankle and ended up with a very bad sprain. (Just my luck!)

I then had issues dealing with the sensation of the STIMs. There were times if felt like an ice pick stabbing a raw nerve. (Another member experienced the same feeling.) After few days, I was bound and determined to "get used" to it no matter what. I found that I did get used to it. Sometimes after setting for a while, the first few STIMs can be somewhat "sharp". Once I take a few steps in a row, the sensation dulls.

I had to return the WalkAid yesterday and truly miss it. I have instructed Hanger to submit a PreCertification to my Insurance Company for the WalkAid. I am hoping they will cover 80%. It's still going to be a chunk of change for me to cover. (My 20% plus my deductible.) I don't have that kind of money just lying around, but I think it's worth cost. Once I get the unit, I plan on working with a PT that has experience working with the WalkAid to regain a more natural gait.

Since using the WalkAid, I have found I don't have pain in my right hip and I don't get muscle cramps in my left calf every night while I am sleeping. (My left leg has foot drop.)

I hope the CO at Hanger can get the unit to work for you! I would love to hear back from you that it helps make walking easier. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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