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Default Walking

Hi all,

I'm continually trying to fine tune my walking and plan to walk without sticks. I'm just not sure when. It sounds like walking is a preoccupation for many of us. There have been some great posts recently with good information. I thought it would be great to build on this and put it as a thread.

My left hip flexor is weak so my left leg drags ands is hard to move forward. There is a degree of spasticity that also hinders forward motion. I use a bungee type cord clipped to my shoe attached to a shoulder belt. Not only dose this help with the foot drop, it helps move the leg forward in a normal swing using the muscle correctly, thereby training it at the same time.

I know Veronica posted a great treadmill routine-maybe it should move here?

It would be great to hear other experiences.

Take care all,

Teena Marie
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