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Hi all: Teena Marie, you asked how the treadmill routine is going....I am so happy with this...I see progress on the treadmill ( and I believe very subtle changes for the positive in real life walking...) Just to review what this is:

Three times a week:
I do 7 minutes of walking at whatever pace works for me so that I can keep perfect/very good form and control/stop the foot dragging or scuffing or the knee slamming back. Then I take a 4 minute rest where I lay on the bed and really give my calves and hamstrings a good stretch. This is followed by three more sets of 6 minutes on/ 4 off. And at the end of each walking set I increase the speed to as fast as I can safely walk for all of a few seconds just to remind my legs how to move that fast...good ol' muscle memory)

On alternate days: I am to just walk on the treamill without using anything to hold on to for all of 1 minute.

Once a month: The collapse point walk: I am using the cross training feature now of my mill ( like trekking poles) so I can really get a more natural stride rather than holding on the fixed side of the mill. Here I am to just walk at whatever pace is most comfortable, and keep walking until I cannot control the bad form, and record the time and distance.

Two days ago when I did the collapse point walk, I walked 23 minutes ( last month I only lasted 17 minutes) I went at a slightly slower pace than last month, as I am more and more aware of my left ( good) leg/foot twisting and grabbing at the ground to counter any off balancing. At a slower pace this did not happen. My distance did not go up much ( from .600 to .66) but it increased, and that is all that matters to me.
My PT and I have a goal of me being able to do 1.6 miles on the mill in six months.God knows if that will work out, but I am excited about this goal. Also is so nice to have a cardio exercise that I can just do at home when I have a little time, or just feel like moving. I even ENJOYED the collapse point walk the other day. Shocking, again!
Thanks for starting this thread Teena Marie. All the talk about the stairs reminds me to work abit more on this.....
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