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Originally Posted by toneroni View Post
Thanks for sharing this information.

I got medical marijuana card in bakersfield for my MS and it's awesome. For me, cannabis has been extraordinarily helpful with spasticity vs prescription drugs like carbamazepine. Honestly, they had me on quite a few different anti-spasticity drugs, but that is the only one I recall at the moment. I find smoking it to be my favorite because the effects are immediate, and you can control you doses better. Iíve had success with both THC and CBD. I usually aim for a strain which is 3-5% THC and 9-15% CBD. I also make CBD coconut oil to add to tea or other things. If you have specific questions I have answers! Not that I`m an expert by any means! Iíve just had to do a lot of research on it.
thanks for sharing. I've wondered many times if I should check into this but it concerns me because I don't really want to feel "high". My brother, God rest his soul, had Parkinson's and Crohn's...he would have taken it any way he could get it.
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