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The blue rocker is much more stable but very stiff. The toe-off allows my ankle to move so if I am on uneven ground I have a harder time, but it is much easier to run with ( just not trail running) I went to NJ to meet with the Allard people I went with a broken toe-off, so they had an orthotist there to fit me. He first put a Ypsilon on me and had me walk around. It felt different, even lighter, but he stopped me and had me take it off. He said it won't work for you. Then he asked why I had foot drop and when I said MS. He said I should have know it usually doesn't work well for MS. Something to do with my knee hyperextending? I don't know I didn't even have a chance to try running.
Did you get the "noodle" with the posterior strut? I have one of those I bike with
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