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Default Periodized home-based training: A new strategy to improve HIIT adherence in MSers

Full disclosure: I, too, have climbed Mont Ventoux. In a car. - D

Periodized home-based training: A new strategy to improve high intensity exercise therapy adherence in mildly affected patients with Multiple Sclerosis

panel: Charly Keytsman, Pieter Van Noten, JanSpaas, Ine Nieste, Paul Van Asch, et al

•High intense exercise is an efficient rehabilitation strategy in MS.

•Improving long term high intense exercise adherence in MS is warranted.

•Periodized, home-based, HIIT training in MS seems feasible.

•Larger, controlled studies are warranted to investigate this strategy in MS.


Although high intensity exercise therapy (HIT) in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) induces substantial effects, longer term compliance to such a training program is not evident. When embedded in a periodized, home-based training strategy, high intensity exercise therapy adherence may improve. This is explored first in mildly affected persons with MS.

Exercise capacity (maximal exercise test) and body composition (DEXA) of healthy controls (n = 22) and persons with MS (n = 23, EDSS: 1.9 ± 1.1) were assessed at baseline (PRE). Next and within the context of an MS awareness project (climbing the Mont Ventoux, France), all participants were enrolled in a 6 m home-based periodized HIT oriented cycling program with remote (Polar® M200 activity tracker) supervision. Hereafter, POST measurements were performed similar to baseline.

Six months of periodized and home-based HIT oriented training induced improvements in body weight (−3%, p = 0.008), BMI (−3%, p = 0.01), total mass (−2%, p = 0.023), VO2max (+ 5%, p = 0.016), workload (+ 11%, p = 0.001), time until exhaustion (+ 14%, p = 0.001), recovery heart rate (+ 4%, p = 0.04), lactate peak (+ 16%, p = 0.03) and RER (+ 4%, p = 0.04) in MS. Furthermore, all persons with MS safely reached the top of the Mont Ventoux, except for two.

The applied 6 m periodized, home-based and HIT-oriented cycling program provided good therapy adherence with similar improvements in exercise capacity compared to healthy controls. Furthermore, this exercise regimen trained mildly-affected persons with MS adequately to climb the Mont Ventoux.

Dave Bexfield
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