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Default STUDY: Effects of resistance training program & subsequent detraining for MSers

NeuroRehabilitation. 2014 Jan 24. [Epub ahead of print]

Effects of a resistance training program and subsequent detraining on muscle strength and muscle power in multiple sclerosis patients.
Medina-Perez C1, de Souza-Teixeira F2, Fernandez-Gonzalo R3, de Paz-Fernandez JA1.



Although resistance training adaptations in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients have been described, the detraining response in this population is largely unknown.

This study was designed to evaluate the effects of a 12-week detraining period on muscle strength (isometric and endurance) and muscle power of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients that had previously carried out a 12-week resistance training program (RTP).

Forty-two MS patients were randomly assigned into two groups: an exercise group (EG) that performed a 12-week RTP for the knee extensors muscles; and a control group (CG), that did not perform any specific training. Knee extension maximal voluntary isometric contraction (MVIC), muscle power and muscle endurance were evaluated before and after the RTP, as well as 12 weeks after training completion. A strain gauge was used to measure the maximal voluntary isometric contraction and muscle power was assessed with a linear encoder. Muscle endurance was interpreted as the number of repetitions that a patient could perform in a single set of knee extension exercise.

The EG increased MVIC and muscle power after the training period, although the training did not affect muscle endurance. After 12 weeks of detraining, MVIC returned to pre-training values but muscle power was still greater than pre-training values in the EG. The CG did not present any change in the variables measured during the intervention.

A 12-week RTP improved MVIC and muscle power in MS patients. Additionally, 12 weeks of detraining blunted strength training adaptations in MS patients, although muscle power training adaptations were still evident after the detraining period.
Dave Bexfield
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