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  • Albuquerque Weekly Excursion

    This message will be edited each week to tell everyone were I am planning a short activity. For the foreseeable future, it will mainly be Sunday mornings, generally meeting 7-7:30am range (it will get later as the days get shorter and cooler). Everyone is welcomed to join me.

    September 21st
    8:30am, 4th of July Campground, Manzano Mtns.
    4th of July Trail
    Might try for the intersection at the crest, but that is not the goal. The real goal is to see some fall colors. Hopefully, things have started to change.
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    Boundary Loop Trail

    8-10-2008 - About 2 hours, took a nice break at the loop-back point.

    This was a good hike. A little bit of hunting for the right route (lots of trails crossing the area). If you go in the future, keep to the wash, a lot of the side trails end-up right back in the wash. Next time I will use the 'track' option in the GPS to have something solid.

    The end is nice, very quiet. The view is only of the mountains. You would have no idea a city is just on the other side. Nice.


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      Armijo Trail

      8-17-2008, good hike, took right at 3 hours.

      We made the loop longer than it was suppose to be. We ended up taking a horse bypass trail at the junction with the Faulty Trail. So instead of doing 4 miles, we ticked off slightly more the 5.25 miles.

      Definitely, different from the west side of the mountain. Being in the trees was great. It always seemed on the verge of raining, but no drops. Good that the sun wasn't out, or the humidity would have been miserable.

      The trail was a bit slick from the rain from the last few days, but not overly muddy. The kids loved it none-the-less, they made a game out of counting all the mushrooms along the trail.
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