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    Hi, I am interested in the Alinker, but would like to try one first. I live in NY State between Albany and the MA border. I am short. If someone has the short Alinker and would allow me to visit and try it out, I would be so appreciative. Thanks

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    So, in March I gave myself a 70th birthday present. an Alinker! Been intrigued by this marvelous invention from the moment I read Dave’s review years ago… And for an assortment of reasons didn’t consider it for myself.
    But recently I have been feeling increased frustration at not being able to go for social strolls. It just fatigues me too quickly and during the 1/8th of a mile that I can muster with my trekking pole, I am constantly focused on my balance, and looking at the ground for “trip-ups” and never looking at my companion. And then I am desperately looking for a place to sit. No fun at all…. So, I just have stopped doing it. Last pleasure walk I did was probably about 15 years ago. Until now, that is.

    I live in an area that has a beautiful rail trail where many of my friends meet and walk…and socialize. I was tired of not being able to join in. I cycle on that trail at times, but there really is nothing like a walk with a friend in nature.

    I am so happy I did this…. I initially needed to have my bike shop make some alterations to the seat post as I am just a fraction of an inch too short for the smallest size Alinker. (I am just 5 foot). And I needed a narrower seat. After that, my first few times on it was just to go down my driveway to get my mail and walk a bit on my cul-de-sac. Had to get used to walking with it and get my “bike butt” back (!!!). I had a lovely chat with the woman across the road from me who I have not seen since my housewarming party in 2017! (I usually pick up the mail when I drive home so I don’t “hang out” at my mailbox) Since then, I have gone for walks with friends a few times on the trail (different sections even!) and did a few workouts by myself where I pushed myself for distance with lots of rests. It can be a good cardio workout, and it just felt so good to be doing that. I’ve gotten up to a mile on those solo workouts, and that is just amazing for me.

    And most recently I met a friend for our Vaccination Reunion, and after lunch went to a local nursery to check out spring plants. First off, I didn’t even get the thing out of the back of my Kia without causing a semi-scene. A man, much younger than me, asked if I needed help….and I laughed and said, “Would you know what to do?” After a good belly laugh each, I continued to set it up…Easy Peasy….and then his eyes and his wife’s popped out and I heard the familiar “Wow, how COOL is that??” And when I walked/rolled into the side garden of the nursery, staff stopped and said that same “COOL” exclamation. It was so nice to cover the entire grounds of the nursery and do so comfortably…. And to not be looked at as someone with a disability and struggling. I was just that white haired chick with the COOL yellow bike. If I am going to get attention, THIS is the type to get!

    This really IS a game changer for me. It is so easy for me to load into and out of my car… I can get to the trail in 7 minutes and walk for an hour. Just so freeing to do so…. A great option when I can’t get a bike ride in but need a good cardio workout. Of course, I will still work on my walking, as this is an Add On activity for me… But whew…. such a relief!

    Now…this post was started by a member back in 2017 who wondered if anyone near her had an Alinker she could try, saying she is short. Looks like she lives in my general area, so if you are reading this, and live in the NY/Mass/Conn. area and want to try it out, please message me and we can meet midway. I am happy to spread the joy. Best gift to myself ever.
    Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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      I am selling my small Alinker which is not working out for me. But, I live in DE. I barely used it, & I even purchased a different seat for it so I am selling it with 2 seats for $1200 & I will pay for shipping. Good idea to try it out first. Try a PT office to see if they have one that you could try. If you’re interested, please let me know!
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        Bumping this up. An affordable Alinker can be a tricky find!
        Dave Bexfield


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          Thanks. I can be reached at