Name: Melissa Hall

Hello, I am reaching out to you with Schlesinger Group, a national research firm. We are currently recruiting MS patients for an in-person research study taking place May 4-7 in the west area of Los Angeles. Patients would be paid an incentive of $175 for 1 hour of their time. I have some quick bullet points on the study below. I was wondering if we would be able to pass along the word within your community? We could offer a donation of $50 per patient who participates in the study.

1) details of the study: Clinical study for MS patients. Patients will be asked to use a provisional phone, pre-loaded with an app, and complete a 2-minute walk while being video-recorded.

2) what participation involves for people with MS: Sessions are expected to last about 45 minutes – 1 hour. Patients will be using an app that has been pre-loaded onto a phone that will be provided to them for use during the session. Patients may also have a sit-down interview with the researcher during their session to discuss their experiences. There is no additional follow-up required, all participation will take place in this one visit.

3) what questions you will be asking: While this is primarily an observational study, some subjects may be asked about their experience with the app.

4) how the information will be used: Information gathered in this research will be reviewed by a team of neurologists to help evaluate if this usage of the app would be helpful for future treatment of MS patients.