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  • NSW Australia Group!

    I discovered a great website: Active MS NSW, which was started by a group of active MSers in New South Wales, Australia. Their can-do message and passion to help others with the disease is inspiring.

    "As we became aware of an unmet need for social support between people living with MS, we have put this website 'out there' to see what we can do about connecting people up with new friends and contacts. Active MS NSW is simply a group of friends who happen to have MS. We volunteer our time and effort for something we believe in - supporting each other."

    Check them out!
    Dave Bexfield

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    These guys are unfortunately not online anymore, or I can't find them. A similar interesting group within Sydney (I think it was the same people) has also disappeared. A real dearth of support in NSW, Australia. The state of Victoria is very much better. NSW - well the focus seems to be on donating money to research and coping with medication. Have been a member of MS Australia and MS Society NSW since 2008 and don't see much benefit. Perhaps I can be corrected by any Australians here?