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Lifestyle, exercise and activity package for people living with progressive MS

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  • Lifestyle, exercise and activity package for people living with progressive MS

    This trial is not yet recruiting, but when it is finished, it should provide some interesting data for this new proposed program: LEAP-MS. If you live in the UK anywhere close to Cardiff University, consider joining this trial. Details are here: -D

    Lifestyle, exercise and activity package for people living with progressive multiple sclerosis (LEAP-MS): Protocol for a Single-Arm Feasibility Study.

    Julie Latchem-Hastings, Elizabeth Randell, et al


    Background. We have co-designed a tailored blended physiotherapy intervention for people with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who often struggle to access support for physical activity. Underpinned by self-management principles, the Lifestyle, Exercise and Activity Package for people with MS intervention, which we call the LEAP-MS intervention, incorporates face-to-face or online physiotherapy coaching sessions with an accompanying online physical activity
    platform. The LEAP-MS platform is a multi-user system enabling user and physiotherapist to co-create activity plans. The LEAP-MS platform consists of an information and activity suite, interactive components enabling selection of exercises into an activity programme, goal setting, and activity logging. The platform also facilitates online remote support from a physiotherapist through an embedded online messaging function. We aim to evaluate the LEAP-MS platform in a feasibility trial.

    Methods. LEAP-MS will be evaluated within a single arm feasibility study with embedded process evaluation. After registration and initial eligible screening, 21 participants will be required to complete baseline self-completion measures. This will be followed by an initial home-based or online coaching session with a physiotherapist (who has received tailored self-management and digital resource training) and access to the online intervention for an initial three-month period. During this period participants are given the option to request up to ve further home-based or online physiotherapy coaching sessions. Follow-up
    questionnaires and semi-structured interviews will be administered three months after baseline with participants and intervention physiotherapists. The LEAPMS platform will be available to participants for a further three months. Usage of the LEAP-MS platform will be tracked during the full six-month period and
    nal follow up will be conducted six months after baseline.

    Discussion. Feasibility outcomes (recruitment, retention, intervention uptake and safety) will be reported. The process evaluation will be undertaken to identify possible mechanisms for any observed effects. The data here will inform full scale evaluations of this co-produced, blended physiotherapy intervention.

    Trial registration: NCT03951181. Registered 15th May 2019

    Dave Bexfield