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Concluded last appointment for HALT-MS

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  • Concluded last appointment for HALT-MS

    Over the weekend I flew to Houston for one final MRI, a beastly long one, over 1.5 hours. Got to finish Toy Story, which I had watched an hour of in the tube last month, and started watching it again... with audio commentary from the directors, etc. That was a darn long MRI.

    And that's it. My participation in the clinical trial is officially completed. Bittersweet. I made friends (Wendy!), enjoyed my doctor visits (strange as that may seem), met up with awesome fellow patients (Gabby, Craig!), and finally got to meet Kelly Williamson (our resident pro triathlete).

    Thanks all for following this adventure. Still not sure what is next--and what my insurance will approve--but it will likely not be a clinical trial, as my treatment probably eliminates me from consideration. So for the first time since getting diagnosed in 2006, I will not be donating my body to science. Feels strange. Maybe I'll have to come up with my own research.

    I'll continue to post here as necessary. Until then, be active, stay fit, and keep exploring!

    Your MS partner in crime,
    Dave Bexfield