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Clinical trials for MS, my thoughts, and how to apply

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  • Clinical trials for MS, my thoughts, and how to apply

    I've been involved in three clinical trials since being diagnosed four years ago. Participating in any clinical trial involves risk, but without them, treatments wouldn't exist.

    The way I look at it personally (which helps the brain better stomach the risks), no matter what the outcome, it is always good for the MS community as a whole as it furthers our knowledge of the disease. I definitely applaud my fellow trial participants, whether a Phase I or a Phase IV, they all take guts, time, and dedication.

    Here is the government website listing all clinical trials for MS that are currently recruiting (or will be) in the US, over 200:

    This link shows all trials, including those ongoing but not recruiting.
    Dave Bexfield

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    MS is a trial, so what's one more ?

    Good on ya, Dave and the very best of luck.

    I'm currently in a trial of an oral med - BG12 - at Georgetown in DC. All trials carry risk, but particiaption makes me feel like I'm in the thick of the fight and helping all of us to move closer toward effective treatments and management of this bear called, MS. It is the way of the ActiveMSer - Ohmmmmm