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Strangest side effect so far of the SCT

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  • Strangest side effect so far of the SCT

    I expected to go bald from the chemo, which I did. And I expected it to take some time for my hair to grow back, which it is. But I didn't expect it to grow back first as a goatee. BTW, Laura can't stand goatees! But she likes the little face fuzz now. "Better than a soul patch," she says.

    *Note the pensive look on my face. It's meant to make me look tough. But it was just after my broken leg so I couldn't have been that tough.
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    Dave Bexfield

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    Thanks Dave for getting me here and for the info. I am glad to hear you were walking so much better that you broke your leg kidding on the square !!

    Hope your leg heals soon and SCT continues to improve your life


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      HALT study/side affects and more

      wrong Hey Dave,
      It was great reading your story.
      I know I am late answering you, But I have to tell you I was so happy to find someone who was as "crazy" as I was to do the HALT study. It was good to know that someone else feels the same way about this disease and is willing to sacrifice their body in the name of science. My blog pages got a virus and I am working with a computer geek to get it back on line. It too shows what I went through and how I was feeling. So I started a new one. This will only have the newest blogs.
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