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98 and counting... pages of insurance denial

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  • 98 and counting... pages of insurance denial

    Actually the total number of pages mailed to me about denying the SCT exceed 500. The 98 pages are itemized and specific to monetary claims denied ("Amount Paid By Plan: 0"). None of this is unexpected. And MD Anderson isn't worried because like most hospitals, they got their cash upfront.

    Insurance denial was easily the largest issue in recruiting participants for HALT-MS. Most people were denied, even though it was a study sponsored by the federal government (NIH). The NIH had planned to pay for it, but they ran out of funds. A number of people who enrolled were forced to pay their own way or not get it done. And that's a huge problem.

    For Phase 3 to happen, which would need to be significantly larger for research purposes than the 24 transplanted in Phase 2, insurance either has to cover it or the NIH must pick up the tab. Both are questionable at this point, a real concern. Patients paying out of pocket is not feasible on a large scale (heck, on any scale)....
    Dave Bexfield