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Ugh, expensive surprise in the mail

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  • Ugh, expensive surprise in the mail

    I just got a surprise bill in the mail from MD Anderson for more than 10 grand. My follow-up care is not being covered by my insurance, which is not entirely unexpected, but I thought it was included in the estimate for the entire procedure, which was paid in full back in February. Had I known I was racking up a bill this large I would have worked to get more things like bloodwork done in state (and likely paid for by insurance).

    We'll see if pleading works, a method I prefer over swearing. Ack, this puts a crimp in things, specifically the bank account....
    Dave Bexfield

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    that's all- just gotta love insurance companies.

    so glad to read of your good health, though. this website and your story has been a major boost to me since my diagnosis about a year ago. thank you.


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      Yuck, those medical bills seems to multiply really quick! Hope the pleading works, though it never seemed to make a difference when I did it