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What? Give up my BINKY?! Stopped using walker (mostly)

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  • What? Give up my BINKY?! Stopped using walker (mostly)

    My PT sis gave me explicit instructions the other day: for four consecutive hours every day I could not use my walker. Other aids were fine, but NO walker. Seeing how I had been using my Hugo since October 2009 (except for that time when I broke my leg), this was going to be a challenge.

    Or so I thought. With all of my PT work for the past year focused on getting me back to walking, I went to a single forearm crutch seamlessly. It's been going so well that now I only use my walker for carrying things (like laundry) and at bedtime, since if I have to wake in the middle of the night to groggily go to the little boys room, I want to get there safely. But other than that, it's one crutch at home and two when I go out. If all goes well, maybe in a month or two I'll graduate to a single cane!
    Dave Bexfield