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"Stem cell clinics ripping off patients, bullying scientists"

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  • "Stem cell clinics ripping off patients, bullying scientists"

    This makes me sick. Try to help by volunteering and this is what happens. I downloaded the ISSCR handbook earlier; lucky I did. The author does mention bone marrow transplants as one of the few recognized stem cell treatments. - Dave

    " of the few reputable Internet sites that could set you straight about the knowns and unknowns and lack of oversight by anyone of this rapidly growing marginal world of medicine is no longer there. Lawyers representing some of the industry clinics -- most of which are operated in countries with weak medical oversight -- began threatening the scientists at the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), a nonprofit organization, with expensive lawsuits."

    Dave Bexfield

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    More on charletains and stem cells

    Thanks for posting this, Dave! I actually talked to a woman who went to a clinic in Thailand and got stem cells with marginal improvement (likely also due to daily p/t, acupuncture, massage and restricted diet by the way), all for the bargain price of $40000. She really tried to encourage me to go. Lucky for me, I don't have that kind of cash sitting around. This weekend I read in a technology mag that a boy (12 or 13) got a Brain Tumor after getting a stem cell transplant in the ukraine. Yes, a Brain Tumor. Yikes! I am so glad there are people like you and the HALT trial who are taking the time to do this safely!