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Coolture cooling vest - review

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  • Coolture cooling vest - review

    I love this vest! Let me tell you the ways...

    Lightweight – 1.75 lbs loaded with coolpacks. This is for a size 1 – I’m small – it may be slightly more for the larger sizes. Check the Coolture website for sizing or email for further info.

    Fit & Finish - top quality materials, superb workmanship, attention to detail

    Range of sizes – fits true to size w/adjustable belt to fine-tune snug fit

    Form-fitting – fits close to the body for maximum cooling. Zip front closure. The weight is well distributed and I’m able to do anything with a full range of motion without being pulled off balance. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I could easily see riding (bike, horse, motorcycle) and sailing in this vest.

    Stylish – no need to conceal, although it could work under a loose jacket or raincoat (worked fine one rainy day). No Quasimoto look or feel.

    Cooling – gel packs are charged in warm water and then frozen. When ready, they are then slipped into pockets in the front (2) and back (2) and lumbar (1). The chiller on the lumbar is really nice.

    Chilling effect – frozen packs do “sweat” a bit as they thaw, but the high-tech Outlast phase-change fabric prevents virtually all moisture from migrating to clothing. The chill is great (no burn) and a thin layer makes for maximum transfer. I found the packs lasted about 2 hours on hot days and 3 on very mild days.

    I live in sultry Washington, DC and use it for my walking commute (40 mins), walking the dog and any other outdoor activities. The vest is a great bridge between the AC’d house/office.

    Although I haven’t crossed the Mohave, fought a fire or run a half-marathon in this vest, it is a great solution for me.

    Cost - not cheap, but considering the high-tech fabrics, craftsmanship - as they are a small company, each one practically bespoke - and designed with MSers in mind, it's a welcome addition to the other options out there,

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    Want to know more

    I am searching for a cooling vest that suitable for the Florida humid summer. Do you think yours' would do?
    Trying to spend my money wisely.


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      Ivy, I haven't reviewed the vest personally, but it sounds and looks pretty sweet. I'll be able to test it this spring according to the company owners.
      Dave Bexfield


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        Coldstrap's vests work good, the design is intended to be worn under clothing, which makes it ideal for many people, and consumer priced.
        Here's the link: Cooling vests