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    Hi there,

    I just purchased a stationary spin bike. I have trouble getting my feet into the cages on the pedals. I'm going to try the clip shoes. any suggestions?

    Teena Marie

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    Teena Marie,
    Congrats on the spin bike, hopefully it will allow you a good cardio workout and have a positive effect on the MS. Here's my 2 cents on bike shoes:

    - The pedal probably takes an SPD mountain bike cleat, check that, you will need the kind of shoe that accepts the correct cleat.
    - A stiff sole, helps with foot stability and pedaling motion.
    - Light weight, not much, if any, padding, too much padding gets hot, sweaty, and restricts circulation.
    - Velcro or buckle straps, lace ups are a pain.
    - If you are prone to foot drop, make sure you are comfortable with your AFO on in the shoe.

    FYI, because a bike shoe is used for repetitive motion for a long time under quite a bit of strain, they have to fit well and be very comfortable (not for walking of course). Not all shoes are created equal either, so, keep trying on shoes until you find a pair that feels good.

    Good luck, hope to hear how it works out for you,


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      One more little tip: when you screw on your new pedals, remember that the left one tightens counter clockwise (and loosens the other way). If you try the "righty tighty" on that pedal you will become convinced that something is broken as the pedal will not stay on or you will over tighten the existing pedal so that you'll need the strength of Sampson to get it off. Not that I've done that, of course. Nope, never.
      Dave Bexfield


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        Unfortunately, the shoes didn't help. I have trouble controlling my foot. So, it's back to the trying to get the feet ino the cages. I'm thinking of an elastic bungee type cord clipped to my shoe so that I could guide it into the cage. Once I'm on with feet in the proper places, I can pedal. I'm determined to find a way.

        I'm still taking suggestions.

        Many thanks,

        Teena Marie


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          Looky - would this help?