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Polar Zippered Vest VS Steele Zippered Vest

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  • Polar Zippered Vest VS Steele Zippered Vest


    I am submitting my paperwork for the free cooling vest from the MS group. I am very sensitive to heat and am in need of a vest that will allow me to be outside in the summer. I have narrowed down the decision to between these two options. Unfortunately, there is little to no information available anywhere that compares these two to one another. The only difference I have been able to discern is the gel packs vs the ice packs. Are there other differences? And what input/advice/feedback can you give me on either/both of these vests to help me with my decision? I am a tall female, 220 lbs. Heat is my enemy. Thank you!

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    I've tested the Steele vest, and while it was powerful, it was a bit cold for me. I hope to be testing Polar's Cool58 in the coming weeks along with other vests. Of course there are the reviews and tests I've done at that have lots more information.
    Dave Bexfield