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Lightweight electric wheelchairs

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  • Lightweight electric wheelchairs

    Has anyone tried one of those lightweight electric wheelchairs? I've seen them advertised a lot, but I'm not sure of their build quality. Are they better than a scooter? Worse? The equivalent?
    Dave Bexfield

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    I “chatted” with co rep on website, they have no brick and mortar store and no places to visit where they distribute. That’s a deal breaker for me at over $1K. I’d welcome pop ups or even kiosks at conventions just to get a feel of it’s utility. Do those exist? The standard products at a medical supply store or pharmacy doesn’t offer a selection of mobility aides to meet my specific needs.


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      I love the photo of it sitting in the grass. With those thin wheels, and the stated power system, I doubt seriously that it would have the torque/power to traverse grass without getting hopelessly stuck!

      It's a shame, as I am currently in the market for a lightweight chair I can take on my motorcycle. I'll likely end up building one from spare chair parts I have out in the barn.
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        (Thanks for posting this Dave)

        They look pretty flimsy to me too. The manual warranty is only 6 months on the frame. When I called they didn't seem very committed to a warranty on the electric components.

        I think I'm going to purchase this AirHawk.

        It weighs 41 pounds, but seems really well made and reasonably portable. With my toothpick arms I'll probably need to tip it over the rear bumper to get it into the trunk of my car.

        Here's the company's YouTube channel:

        They make two other models with higher weight capacities. The only thing I don't like about the AirHawk is that the footrest doesn't fold up flush to the seat for easy egress from the front of the chair. But I like how the battery compartments are constructed and the fact that they send you an extra one for free. (The chair only needs one to operate.)

        Feedback? Critical eyes are invited to look for issues.

        I have a mobility assessment next week so I'm going to wait and see if my health plan will help me pay for it before I empty my piggy bank.


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