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Bathroom trick to avoid transferring to toilet

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  • Bathroom trick to avoid transferring to toilet

    I got this note from a caregiver who goes to the ends to help his wife in the bathroom department. Is there a better way?

    Message: My wife is disabled to the point that she can't sit on the toilet. Our solution is to lift her, naked from waist down, over her wheelchair or bed, and put a rubber shower mat on the seat of the chair or the bed. I wipe her with toilet paper, then use washcloth held under hot water and squeezed dry to wipe her, and a dry washcloth to dry her. Then I lower her back into her chair.
    There are also wheelchairs/transfer chairs that you can roll over a toilet (and being waterproof, roll them into a shower). That may be easier, with zero mess. An occupational therapist can recommend a good one. -D

    Dave Bexfield