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Innovative mattress pad to keep you cool

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  • Innovative mattress pad to keep you cool

    Interesting find and it appears to work. Might be a boon for MSers. If someone gets one, I'd love to hear about it! -D

    The ChiliPad Sleep System Isn’t Cheap. But It Might Beat Washing Your Sweaty Sheets Every Morning.

    I’m one of those people who are always cold. So much so that when I was a teenager, my stepfather installed a lockbox over our thermostat to stop me from taking us to the brink of financial ruin every time the heating bill arrived. As I got older, I made sure to have a throw blanket within easy reach in every room in my house. But seven years ago, I married my opposite—someone who runs excessively hot.
    Couples’ sleep-temperature incompatibility is a tale as old as time, and my husband, Carter, and I spent years trying to find a compromise. Making me warmer was easier than getting him cooler, so we mostly focused on him. We tried a cheap cooling mattress pad that oddly had the exact opposite effect. And even though innerspring mattresses typically sleep cooler than foam ones, we didn’t notice a difference after switching between the two. Finally, we began sleeping on breathable linen sheets, with Carter sometimes aiming a small fan directly at his head while I entombed myself under several layers, including a 20-pound weighted blanket. This wasn’t ideal for snuggling, but it worked well enough.

    That is, until the past year, when Carter’s night sweats shifted into overdrive. Though his doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with him, he would quickly become drenched every time he fell asleep. He would wake up periodically through the night, cranky and uncomfortable, and I had to wash our sheets every morning. So when Wirecutter’s sleep team put out the call for someone to test the ChiliPad (with the Cube Sleep System), I volunteered Carter.

    Dave Bexfield