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Superlite Titanium Forearm Crutch - Enabling Technologies

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  • Superlite Titanium Forearm Crutch - Enabling Technologies

    Got this recommendation from a member. -D

    Was ordering tip, and remembered that I hadn’t seen these in your crutch review.
    Mine are in their 16th year of use.
    I paid $950, and thought it was expensive, but now think they were cheap. Super strong they have held up ti abuse on garden construction sites, and steel sculpture studio situations. I have changed grips once, cuffs, just because, but no real need, and of course tips as needed.

    The best, I’d say for active folks. These guys also have very cool ski, and activity stuff. A small shop, but very responsive to customers, and staffed by otherly abled folks.

    As always, my best
    Dave Bexfield