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  • New standing wheelchair

    Standing Wheelchair.jpg
    I'm testing out a new standing wheelchair to get my legs more work and to be able to rise up to eye level. Pretty freaking cool!
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    Dave Bexfield

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    A new adventure for you. Way to go Dave! Yes, have missed hearing from you. Appreciate your input and outlook. Happy and healthy New Year to you and yours. Keep in touch please-


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      Are you just test driving this for demo purposes or is it yours to use day in and out? I can only guess what a game changer this might be.


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        That looks.... amazing. Relatively compact, looks like it folds to a more traditional wheelchair. And, is that a joystick!? Be still my heart.....


        My Two Numb Feet - An MS Diary


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          Isn't it great to be able to stand and be eye level. Helps to work the legs. I just got an Action Track chair that lets you stand up. It's great to go anywhere outside and be able to do stuff outside again and not getting stuck.


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            Really cool Dave! I think the importance of rising up to eye level for social interaction is big. When I’ve used a chair at places I didn’t have endurance to walk I found Something gets lost when conversing because people around will bend forward to hear and often stop eye contact when leaning forward. Being a chatty person, it felt stifling. Importantly, how fast does it move?