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Wheelchair cushion gets high marks

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  • Wheelchair cushion gets high marks

    A fellow member has been using a ROHO cushion and loves it. Thought I'd pass it along! -D

    Happy Holidays. I've been using my ROHO air cushion for a couple of weeks now and it's worth every penny! I bought the contour select one, not the uniform height one. Full disclosure, if I sit in it for too long (like hours), I will start to become a little sore. And if I slouch, my weight shifts to my tailbone and I'll get sore eventually. But as long as I don't sit for hours in it and sit up straight (which I should be doing anyway), I don't have pain or soreness. With the gel and the foam cushions I was using before, I'd get quite uncomfortable within 10-15 minutes. You can see this is a HUGE improvement and I wanted to pass this information along.
    Dave Bexfield