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The EMBR Wave: a bracelet that regulates your body's temperature???

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  • MSLazarus
    Itís all about the money

    Their response is bull... I am convinced that, like me, the eternal optimists with MS convinced themselves initially that the device was having a possible impact. Like all of us early adopters of devices that promise to help us in the fight, the early adoption of my embr wave is right there on the shelf next to my Segway and my walkaide. And these latter devices do offer limited help.

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  • ActiveMSers
    The company had this to say on their website, which has since been removed....

    "Embr Wave is not a medical device. ... We have heard from customers that it does not provide symptom relief for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis."

    And then an ActiveMSer got this e-mail:

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We've had a handful of customers purchase Embr Wave units for MS so far. My impression is that while it doesn't generally help too much with temperature management from MS, it can help people feel less bothered by uncomfortable temperatures.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    But then I saw these posts on their Facebook page with happy MSers:

    So, it may help, or (probably more likely) not at all....

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  • Veronica
    I tried it, and concur with MSLazarus...really did nothing for me on the cooling side. If one is cold sensitive, I guess it might help, but wasnít at all for me. Weird thing is that while one side does itís little cooling thing, the other side heats up. I took close to the full 30 days to keep giving it a chance but then just returned it. Really wanted it to help. At least customer service was good for getting me a quick and easy refund.

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  • MSLazarus
    I have had the EMBRWave for several months

    I have found it almost useless in the summer heat. I really only used the cold setting and set it to the extended cooling time. I am a farmer and hoped it would help me stay cool when I am selling at farmers’ Markets. It must be designed to warm people who work in offices with airconditioners that I mean it is an accessory which, if anything, gives a very modest impression of warmth...
    Not worth it. It really is useless. That’s my experience.
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  • rwlg33
    EMBR experiences? Just read their reviews.

    Been getting FB ads from EMBR recently and revisited the EMBR website. Those users that had <4 stars reviews noted that the cooling action was not up to their needs. Hard for me to tell if any MS'ers had reviewed, but, thought I should weigh in here. Has anyone here tried the thing? I'm tempted, they have a 30 return policy, so I assume I can always send it back...

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  • Paige58
    Embr Wave

    Has anyone tried this long awaited thing in a hot environment. I mentioned to them on FaceBook that a clinical trial would be great for possible insurance coverage. And Iíd be happy to volunteer for the research. 😉

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  • mizcg
    Originally posted by ActiveMSers View Post
    The latest update. "Coming soon to early adopters who join our mailing list." They are getting their prototype samples soon and expect to start selling later this year. I first posted about this nearly two years ago. Can't wait to test! - D
    I received my embr wave in March, it works well. The true test will be when summer comes and I'm outside.

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  • ActiveMSers
    Hoping to test, but the company has yet to reach out to me. Might bug them more in a bit if the early response is positive.

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  • MSLazarus
    I got my embr wave yesterday..

    Anyone else have one? I am using the warming cycle because here, in the Northeast, it is a cold day. I will keep you posted.

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  • ActiveMSers
    Another update. - D

    Over 1800 people have already joined the Embr Wave movement, and the number keeps growing. Another huge thank you to everyone who supported us so far.

    Because of all of your amazing support, we've decided to keep the $199 Early-Bird tier open through the weekend. This means that if you haven't pre-ordered Embr Wave yet, you can still do so until Sunday Night for the $199 Early-Bird price and shipping date.

    Because of you, Product Hunt featured us on their front page. It would mean a lot if you upvoted our project to help keep us there.
    Your passion for Embr Wave landed us an article in 9 To 5 Toys.

    Beta tester Sherri talked about how Wave helps her focus, saying "I turn the cooling on and am back to what I was doing..."

    All of this is happening because you believed in our mission: harnessing the power of personalized temperature to help everyone feel more comfortable. We thank you for that support, and we can't wait for you to get Embr Wave on your wrist.

    For anyone living in a country that we are currently not shipping to, we have an update for you.

    We've heard your feedback and we've decided that as soon as we're able to ship to your country, we'll make sure that you're able to get Embr Wave at a discounted price.

    In the meantime, we realized that the unsubscribe link we sent yesterday wasn't working. Email has not been our friend these past few days! Here is how you actually unsubscribe from USA/EU/Brazil Kickstarter Campaign Updates but still get notified once we're able to ship to your country:

    Click the "Unsubscribe From USA/EU/Brazil Kickstarter Campaign Updates" link in the footer of this email and uncheck "USA/EU/Brazil Kickstarter Campaign Updates" on the following page.

    Remember to add your name to our International Interest list. The more people we have for your country, the better the chance we'll be able to open up direct shipping to you.
    Thank you again to everyone for all of your amazing support these first couple of days.

    We're here for you if you have questions and feedback.

    - David & The Embr Labs Team


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  • ActiveMSers
    Hmm, now it is a Kickstarter Campaign. Ohhhkay. Wanted to pass along the update. - D


    Hey Dave, Embr Wave is launching 9.27 on Kickstarter...
    After almost 4 years of product development, weíre ready to launch our cooling and warming wristband.

    As one of our supporters, we're telling you first exactly how to get Embr Wave.

    When and where can I pre-order Embr Wave?

    Embr Wave will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter on Wednesday, 9/27. Since you're a member of our mailing list, we will send you an email with a link to the Kickstarter page on 9/27. We'd also encourage you to mark your calendar. We're anticipating a lot of interest.

    How much will Embr Wave cost?

    Embr Wave will retail for $299, but we'll be offering a 27% discount to every person who pre-orders on Kickstarter. This makes the discounted price $219.

    kickstarter price.jpg
    Got any more questions?

    Weíre holding a Facebook Live on Tuesday, 9/26, during which youíll have the chance to ask us anything you want about Embr Wave.

    Thanks so much for all of your support!

    - David and the Embr Labs Team

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  • ActiveMSers
    New from the developers.... - D


    Wristify is now Embr Wave.
    And it's coming this month 😲

    Discover the launch date.

    To celebrate the new name, we decided to give our entire brand a refresh.

    Why would we throw out a name that earned the attention of Wired, Popular Science, and The Today Show?

    Well, a lot has changed since my co-founders and I picked Wristify at an MIT pub back in 2013. Back then, our goal was to help building save energy by heating and cooling people directly.

    It's now four years later, and our product has evolved so much. We realized that it is now a completely different species.

    These days, we're focused on a new goal. We want to help you stay comfortable when you're feeling hotter or colder than everyone else around you. That's because when you're comfortable, you can take on anything.

    We're excited to bring the Embr Wave cooling and warming wristband to you very soon.

    Learn more about our launch date and the reason why we picked the new name

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  • ActiveMSers
    And more...

    Hey there, we know you've been hanging tight.

    Thanks so much for your interest in our cooling and warming wristband. We're getting closer to our launch, and we've got some awesome new product images to share with you.

    Before you take a look, I wanted to quickly explain how we got to this point.

    3 years ago, we set out to build the first wearable temperature solution that people actually want to wear. We knew that it couldn't include the clunky parts typical of other temperature control devices. No moving parts, liquids, fans, or compressors.

    We built our wristband around the idea that it should include everything that was essential and nothing that was not.

    Our goal was ambitious. We wanted to give people something that they wouldn't want to take off. It had to be sleek, yet comfortable. It needed to be iconic. We didn't want it to look like every other wearable device out there.

    With that said, take a peek at our latest product images and learn about the key features they highlight👇.

    The Lightbar

    We designed the lightbar to be easy to control and intuitive for users. In standby mode, as it is shown below, the lightbar displays a blue to red gradient.

    To activate cooling mode, simply press the blue side of the lightbar. To activate warming mode, press the red side of the lightbar. You can tweak the intensity of each sensation by pressing the bar in different ways.

    The Wave Pattern

    We've built this discreet pattern into the face design to allude to the experience. The product delivers warming and cooling sensations in waves.

    The Magnetic Mesh Band

    The band is adjustable and provides a snug fit across a range of wrist sizes. The magnetic end makes it easy to slip the band on and off.

    We're excited about where we landed with the design, and we hope you are too.

    Make sure you follow our new Instagram account for more product photos. We're releasing new photos of beta units out in the wild each week.

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  • ActiveMSers
    More from EMBR (hopefully a tester will be in my future). While the new design isn't quite as trick as the prototype, I'm still optimistic. - D

    Hey...we're getting close to launching our cooling and warming wristband.

    We appreciate that you've been following our journey, and we're excited to let you know that our momentum is really starting to heat up 🔥.

    We'd like to reward you for believing in this project early on. That's why we're inviting you to join our extra early-bird list.

    "But I already joined your email list!"

    True. But we're anticipating a lot of interest, and we want to give a special group of fans the opportunity to get the product first.

    On launch day, there'll be a limited time window for early supporters to get an extra discount. If you add yourself to the extra-early bird list, we'll ping you before everybody else so that you can grab your cooling & warming wristband at the highest possible discount.

    Add yourself to the extra early-bird list 👇

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  • Rob
    Iím extremely excited about this product. Iím also a little confused. The first quote above says that it cools the core temperature. Everything on their site says it canít actually cool the body but, makes you feel cooler or warmer.
    Ultimately so long as it combats my MS meltdown, Iím in and Iíll probably want two. One for each wrist!

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