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Member recommendation for affordable forearm crutches

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  • Member recommendation for affordable forearm crutches

    Got this note via e-mail the other day and wanted to pass it along: a good experience with Millennial forearm crutches, which are just over $100. Website:


    Thank you. I came across "activemsers" when searching "best crutches for hiking trails/outdoors".

    7 months ago I found myself virtually paralyzed, and with treatment and rigorous physical rehab things began to reverse, but I am not yet able to walk unaided.

    Being an active person, and plans I refused to cancel. I went searching.

    Cost being an issue, from your reviews, I looked into the Millennial forearm crutch.

    These have been magic. They do have a little weight to them which actually helps as it provides greater feedback. The ergonomic design, tips, and the slight spring action, without noticing, do take pressure off my elbows etc.

    Having the stability of the cuff itself tapping into my forearm and my hips also gives feedback much like my physical therapist tapping and squeezing my muscles (left arm, right hip, right arm, left hip etc) helping find the muscle memory etc. to move.

    The cuffs are a bit large and do not adjust, however, this has not really been an issue. and, in winter my coat will fit nicely without a problem.

    My idea is to make my own small rice bags to store in the freezer and velcro them into the cuffs for dual purpose in the summertime.

    Beyond that, this past week, I went out into the canyon teaching plein air landscape painting amongst 10,000 year old petroglyphs. The Millennial forearm crutches were simply awesome! I have aptly named them my magic sticks!

    I do not yet have an "offical" diagnosis. MS or NMO? who knows what doctors will choose, and don't much worry. I tend to focus on the day to day.

    I just wanted to say thank you.
    Dave Bexfield