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  • Unweighting equipment

    Has anyone had experience with unweighting equipment to lighten the weight on your legs on a treadmill? If so, any recommendations on a brand?

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    Alas, unweighting systems are all near $10K and up from what I can figure. A cost efficient method may be to walk in a pool and use the side or lane marker for assistance. Or, for better or for worse, use one at your PT. Even with multiple appointments and co-pays, it will take a long time before buying your own system pays off.

    Maybe folks have other ideas?
    Dave Bexfield


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      Mvargas, here are a couple of ideas. This is the first post in the walking thread by Teena Marie. I haven't tried this but it sounds pretty clever.

      Another idea is to use a harness, bosun's chair, mast harness, or maybe a climbing harness, and bungee yourself to a rafter above your treadmill. Obviously more than a few considerations here, but I did this at a pt clinic once and was actually able to kind of jog on a treadmill for the first time in years. I never followed up on either of these things though.



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        Larry, thanks for your ideas. I have ordered one of the Musmate systems that Teena Marie uses. Looking forward to trying it. I do the walking in the pool as well. I also had thought about making something myself but came across a pneumatic system with adjustments as small as 1 pound for a bit more than $700, I will post my assessment after using it for a bit.



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          The system I am looking at is called the Sammons Preston PneuWeight 2