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    Originally posted by ActiveMSers View Post
    Starting to look into super lightweight chairs. Just waiting on an official referral from my health insurance to start. But I hear it's unlikely they'll support crazy cool ones made of titanium with a hidden electric motor with turbo boost and a built-in massager. The nerve.
    I always pay cash for my power chairs. I have found that I can buy a quality chair used for less than the cost of my copay if I go through my insurance company. Plus, it saves my poor doctor from the 20 pages of crap you have to fill out now since the days of mass marketing chairs to everyone on the planet weather they needed it or not!.


    Mmmmm titanium!
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      Bumping this up to the top. I've used both a foldable chair, which I prefer for travel (good for beating up and for fitting into virtually any vehicle), and now a rigid chair, which I prefer for home use (much smaller footprint). Do others do this? Are there other recommendations not mentioned?
      Dave Bexfield


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        Amazing wheels. I use it exclusively.