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Air Hawk Power Wheelchair for Travel

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  • Air Hawk Power Wheelchair for Travel

    Does anyone have any experience with the Air Hawk Power Wheelchair? We are looking for a light-weight, folding power chair that is easy to transport and allowed on air planes. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    I am looking at this power chair myself. I am considering the Eagle HD version, though, as it has bigger rear tires to handle more types of terrain.


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      If you are still in need of a folding power chair I suggest you check out this website:

      I spoke with the lady who designed the chair and ordered one today. They are made in Texas.


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        Electra 7 HD Light-Weight Foldable Power Wheelchair

        Thanks for your responses.

        We narrowed down our search to the Air Hawk, the Eagle HD, and the Electra 7 HD light-weight foldable power wheelchairs. These three chairs are built by the same manufacturer and are basically the same with a few exceptions.

        We ended up buying the Electra 7 HD because the seat size at 18" deep X 21"W was closest to our son's large custom power chair. Our son just unpacked it today and will start taking it to work tomorrow. We will report back after he uses it for a few months.

        I'm not sure if we are allowed to recommend a vendor. If not, Dave will probably remove this section. We were very happy working with They offer lots of helpful videos (be sure to also scroll down to the bottom blue section and click Video Operations Catalog). Their customer service was very knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly.


        P.S. - I don't work for the company nor do I know anyone who does!