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Step-through and electric assist bikes

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  • Step-through and electric assist bikes

    Hi! I am in the market for a new bike and am curious if anyone has any experience with either of these bikes?
    I love to ride but have difficulty getting on and off my bike especially when I am alone. I recently took an electric assist bike for a test ride and was quite impressed.

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    I rode a regular road bike for several years until getting on and off it became a major problem. I then purchased a Bike Friday which doesnít have a crossbar and a low step over to get off and on. Even that got to be too much so I purchased a trike. I have since purchased an e-assist trike. Comfortable, fast and now Iím back riding with my buddies. I liked my first trike too but didnít have the leg power to get much more than 10 mph out of it. The e-assist I have has 3 levels of assistance but the assist doesnít work unless you are pedaling. I have found I get much more exercise because I ride much longer distances than before. I also feel much safer on the trike because balance problems have increased as my M.S. has progressed. Iím much more relaxed on the trike because itís hard to tip over when you are on 3 wheels instead of two. The e-assist trike I purchased was very expensive but it was my retirement gift to myself and has been worth every penny.


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      Thanks for the reply. Well now you gave me another option to consider. The trike certainly sounds like something to look into. The e-assist I tested also had the 3 levels of assistance and pedaling was necessary. I really thought it was great.

      Happy riding! Jackie


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        e-bikes are a really hot item. My wife is not an avid rider but she thinks having one would increase the chances she will get out and ride. Everything Iíve read and heard says they have made their owners much more active. If I didnít need a trike because of my balance problems I would be buying an e-bike.


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          Yes, I like that you can go further knowing you have "back-up" in case you get tired. Freedom!
          The step-through bikes that I like with the very low step through are not available in e-assist but it can be converted at a bike shop or you can buy kits to convert yourself. My husband is looking into that.


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            I am just Ditto-ing what Grady said, Jackie. My path is almost identical to Grady's. Road bike for decades, then switched to a Bike Friday which was adorably cute, easier to get on and off than my Terry bike, but ultimately it became to dangerous and stressful, and close to impossible to get on and off, plus I constantly stressed over unclipping from, and clipping into
            the pedals on time. ( always was clipped in...long before MS came along...) I then went to a recumbent trike that just didn't fit me right but it saved a season for me, so I sold that and got what I have now....found that stressed out my weaker leg much too quickly, so I added the e-assist just last spring. Now I have that Trike Grin on every single time I ride, and yes, like Grady said, I ride more often, farther, safer, and almost of equal importance, I just have so much fun... And yeah, it was all expensive, but so very much worth it for my physical and mental health!
            Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.


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              Thank you for the reply. I am leaning towards the 2 wheel, easing boarding (Biria is the brand) for now with the e-assist.

              Happy riding to all!



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                I looked at the one you are interested in. Nice bike.