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IN REVIEW: Bodypoint Wheelchair Mobility Bag

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  • IN REVIEW: Bodypoint Wheelchair Mobility Bag

    I picked up one of these bags from Amazon for my wheelchair. It tucks under instead of strapping to the back or the side, both non-starters in my book. I want to be able to easily reach my gear (the back? no thanks), and I wanted unencumbered arms for rolling (the side? no thanks). Looks like it is a snap to remove and put back on, so no issues for travel. We'll see how it goes!

    Dave Bexfield

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    Here's my flash review after living with the bag for a month.

    The good:
    • I stick my sunglasses, wallet, meds, hand sanitizer, and miscellaneous sundries right in the bag. It's like a purse! But it's not a purse because I am a dude. People try to call it a murse (male purse) but I correct them and say it is a handicap purse, or hurse (pronounced, hearse).
    • It is easy to slip on and remove, so when traveling I put the bag in the car and then stow the wheelchair, reversing the process when I need to roll.
    • It appears to be water resistant if you spill stuff on it or in it (untested).

    The bad:
    • The cellphone holder's elastic was a bit too tight at first, making it hard to pull out, especially when it is ringing. Now? It's a bit too loose, and the phone slides out if the bag is on its side.
    • A water bottle doesn't really fit.
    • It's pricey for what you get. The quality is average.
    Dave Bexfield