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The first wearable device for urinary incontinence

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  • The first wearable device for urinary incontinence

    This is an interesting idea. How well would it work for MS though is the question. Sometimes my bladder isn't full, but my brain gets the signal that I REALLY hafta go. And then there's the issue of every time my phone dings with an alert, my brain might immediately might start getting concerned about finding a bathroom even though it was a text from Mom about the Zinger ad she saw in Parade magazine. -D

    Make it to the bathroom in time with DFree,
    the first wearable device for urinary incontinence.

    Sensing Bladder with Ultrasound
    DFree uses ultrasound to monitor how much urine is in your bladder in real time. Sensor needs to be placed about 0.5" above the pubis bone in order to detect the bladder properly.

    Ultrasound Technology
    DFree uses safe and non-invasive ultrasound technology. Ultrasound technology is also used for prenatal checkups as well as other non-medical devices such as toothbrushes so rest assured that it's safe to use.

    Connect to Smart Devices
    DFree sends alerts to your phone or tablet when it is time to go to the bathroom. Set notification threshold to determine when you want to receive notification. Set notification so you have ample time to go.

    Dave Bexfield