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Rollz Motion: A sexy (really!) combo rollator and transfer chair

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  • Rollz Motion: A sexy (really!) combo rollator and transfer chair

    Got this recommendation from a fellow member. A trick, designer rollator that has both style and practicality. -D
    Facing the reality of needing a walker was difficult but necessary. My MS has affected my balance and without a mobility aid my world was getting small and isolated. I got a walker from a medical supply place first. I really hated it. The looks were straight out of a hospital or care home. The fit, the finish and solid strength of it were disappointing to say the least. I felt defeated by it before really doing anything. Ah, but then came my Rollz Motion. The first time I took it out I went to a party and someone asked to take a picture of my rollator! How often does that happen? It's so strong, so well built, solid and dare I say attractive, that it's given me a lot of self confidence just when I needed it most. I've always been a very active person, and the Rollz Motions says, 'let's go'. So I went with my partner to Mexico. Through the airport we used it as a transport chair. When in Mexico (a place that is not very friendly to mobility aids, to say the least) it was put to the test. It stayed strong, stable and reliable on cobblestone streets, over very high steps into restaurants and on narrow sidewalks. I really recommend this attractive, well made and reliable rollator/transport chair. Worth every penny!

    Dave Bexfield