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IndeeLift for help getting off the floor

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  • IndeeLift for help getting off the floor

    Got this gear recommendation from a fellow member. Pretty cool! The guy on the main page looks just like Walter White from Breaking Bad btw. -D

    Dave, if I had seen this product earlier I wouldíve gotten one WAY before this. Iíve been alone and fallen (had to call the fire Dept), and the poor guy had to lift my fat butt up, dead weight, and I was so worried about his back... not to mention embarrassed about falling. My husband is usually around and has had to help me get up so many times. If we had had this InveeLift he couldíve just wheeled it to me, helped me into the seat, push a button, and Iím up at 21Ē in one minute. Recover, then transfer to wheelchair. There are even models for EMTís to use.

    Did you know about this product? I think itís amazing. I will be more confident just knowing I have it. Itís expensive, but cheaper than a Hoyer lift. I think the peace of mind will be priceless.

    Here is his contact info:

    Jay Powell
    Dave Bexfield