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The Overlander: Off-Road Electric Wheelchair

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  • The Overlander: Off-Road Electric Wheelchair

    If your wheelchair/scooter was to mate with an ATV. -D

    The Overlander 4ZS is an off-road electric wheelchair designed with innovative technology and engineered to conquer tough terrain such as mud, soft beach sand, snow, rocks, and other rough environments. As an Other Power-Driven Mobility Device (OPDMD), the Overlander provides users with the ability to participate in outdoor activities at national parks, hiking trails, sidewalks, and public beaches. The Overlander 4ZS offers many different features, including easy access, adjustable seating, various speed options, four-wheel independent suspension systems, and many more. See all our customization options for the Overlander 4ZS below, and let us help you change the way you look at off-road electric wheelchairs.

    • Speed Option 1: 4mph geared for extreme off-roading
    • Speed Option 2: 12mph geared for moderate less demanding off-roading
    • 4-wheel independent suspension system
    • Roll bar opens on either side
    • Adjustable seating and backrest (seat back folds down for transportation)
    • Handlebar steering with finger throttle
    • Range of 12 miles (range varies depending on weight of user and terrain)
    Dave Bexfield