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What equipment do you have in your home gym?

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  • What equipment do you have in your home gym?

    I'm putting together an article on home gyms for MSers and wanted to get feedback from others. What stuff do you use regularly to exercise at home?
    Dave Bexfield

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    Well let’s see, there’s a fairly complete set of hand weights, a couple of which sit beside the chair at my desk and collect dust. The rest are hiding somewhere. I stumble over them once in a while but am afraid to touch them. Spiders, you know.

    Then there’s the exercise ball that somehow seems to move around the house, upstairs and down, without my ever touching it.

    There’s a foam handgrip strengthener that sits on my desk. I’m actually using that right now while I try to think of other stuff, but only because you brought the subject up.

    I really thought I’d use the yoga mat, strap and block. But after a couple of times, I discovered I much prefer the social atmosphere of a studio session and of course, they provide all that stuff.

    There’s an "Exer-Rider" that my sister dumped on me. I’ve never been on it.

    Seems like I've seen a jump-rope somewhere, probably my wife’s.

    There’s a balance board that needs assembling, well, has needed assembling for a couple of years.

    Oh yeah, and the cross-country skis, I really had great plans for those. Shuffle along, no lifting your feet, sounded perfect but just hasn’t materialized.

    The gardening tools used to get a good workout but that hasn’t happened in a year or two. I keep threatening though, and I'll continue to threaten.

    The snow shovel, actually the his and hers snow shovels, now those get a workout. Unfortunately, it’s a hit or miss thing. They seem to be kind of dangerous too, prone to severe “over did it” complaints, can lead to lots of moaning and groaning, aspirin, Ben Gay, that type of thing.

    Then there’s the bicycle trainer. That one’s got hundreds if not thousands of miles on it. A friend gave me some cycling DVD’s recently. There’s a possibility this stuff will get worn out this year.

    And of course, “The Bicycle” itself! There’s a very real chance it could see more miles than the car. Ouch! It hurts just thinking about it, but it hurts so good.

    ....Oh geez, and the cork screw, how could I almost forget the cork screw. I've put that one away for the next six or eight months now but boy, can I ever get a wrist workout on the cork screw, especially during the holidays.
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      Gym equipment

      We are putting a home gym together now. We started with our bikes and the trainers. We have a projector so that we can watch Bike-o-vision DVDs while we ride.
      The newest piece of equipment is my BOSU. I worked with a trainer who was becoming a physical therapist a couple of years ago. She had me do everything on the BOSU to work on my balance. I am looking forward to balance work and core work on the BOSU.
      I have a large foam roller for tight muscles that hurts so good.
      I do have a weight set-Sportblock- that is adjustable. I don't use it as much as I thought I would.
      Also have yoga mat, those stretch tubes, a stairmaster, tons of exercise DVDs etc. None of them are used.
      I agree with AMF, I do better in group situations for exercise. I am taking kettlebell classes, pilates classes, occasional yoga and I do tons of group cycling.



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        Thanks Pell and AMF! But for me to do this article, I'll need more input from other members. I know you are out there....
        Dave Bexfield


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          I am having dumbles, weight lifting rods, running machine, yoga mat and cycle at my home..!!
          I use to do exercise at home on weekends...!


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            Home Gym

            Got this news letter a few weeks ago and thought I'd post it here. Really good article on setting up a home gym on the cheap and some other good stuff too.




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              At home: Recumbent stationary bike, wii fit w/balance board, hand weights, and two books with programs on stretching and abdominal exercies. These all get heavy, regular use (well, the hand weights not so much). Spouse used to use those 'perfect pushup' things for doing pushups, now uses the plain old floor and it works fine. All this is supplemented with visits to an inexpensive but well-equipped gym with treadmills and elliptical machines (plus stair climbers that are visited rarely), as well as a full complement of cybex weight machines. As helpful as the home gym program has been, there has been marked improvement in overall fitness and balance--not to mention general well-being--since adding the outside gym, particularly the weight circuits. The mild winter has made it a lot easier to get out to the gym and even to jog outside, as spouse did today. During the previous winter of stormageddon, though, having some decent home equipment and programs was essential for staying active well into May, when winter finally ran out of gas. If we wind up with another rough one next year, we may need to work harder on incorporating weights into the home routine. They have been a pretty major game changer.


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                My mat and Pilates springboard ( see the most action.

                Also on hand: exercise ball, hand weights, cylinder & half-cylinder (for use on mat), elliptical (mostly replaced by plain old walking, but will get used if it's ever too cold again for walking - I just prefer outside!).

                I also play music on a regular basis, not actually for exercise...
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                  I've got an Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Resistance Cords (Love those things), a chinup bar, a few dumbbells and a swiss ball. Those resistance cords are great because I can't always use the dumbbells, they take up no room at all, they weigh next to nothing yet they give me a heck of a workout and they're really helping me regain strength in my left side.
                  Rob Davidson
                  Active With MS


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                    I am a reviewer of stuff too and I am going to be testing out a Fitdesk later this week. Really excited about that! We have an unconventional house full of boys. We have climbing ropes and monkey rings. I have kettle bells, yoga mat and blocks. Weighted bars for posture work. Treadmill which I love.
                    Still trying to figure out how to run again or do much of anything without totally crashing afterwards lately.


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                      Exercise equipment

                      I have a theracycle - electric exercise bike that will help maintain movement by doing the work for you but as soon as it picks up on your effort, it allows you to do the work. This will exercise legs and upper body.
                      I also own a veloped - all terrain outdoor walker. Has two configurations: city and all terrain. It's awesome because it can go in snow, mud, etc. Nothing will stop it. Has attachments for you golf equipment if you need that.

                      I also have an ab coaster - awesome for the core! Easy to use, entertaining, and has several advanced settings that I can't use yet.


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                        I use crossfit equipment, strongman equipment, plyometric boxes etc.
                        plyometric boxes


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                          My "home gym" doesn't get much use these days as I prefer as others have said the social aspect of going to gym/group classes/studio.

                          I do find though that when I am recovering from an relapse, that I "get re-started" with home gym stuff, and did use each of these on a steady basis, but once my fitness/stamina built up and fatigue not as big an issue, headed back to the gym.

                          Wii fit plus with balance board
                          Yoga DVDs, mat, blocks
                          Balance ball and DVDs
                          (notice the emphasis on balance stuff for home?)

                          Would you consider walking the dog a home fitness plan? After a particularly bad relapse, I could barely take her for a walk to the end of the back lane and back without needing a nap, but peristence paid off and was able to increase to much longer walks. I now take my dog for 2 short walks a day, with longer hikes on weekends.

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                            Karen, I've never really considered a dog part of a home gym, but you make a good point. Walking a pup is definitely exercise!

                            It makes sense to have balance stuff at home, especially after a relapse. Good tips!
                            Dave Bexfield


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                              And Fred, what Crossfit equipment do you have for the home? I know some of it can be pretty large. Do you have rings mounted, etc.? Plyo boxes are great.
                              Dave Bexfield